Welcoming Autumn


After the clocks going back just over a week ago, I now feel that we are well and truly within the cosy clutches of autumn. For those of you that know me will fully understand the sun worshipper I am (30°C, beach, sunglasses and long evenings are my heaven). However this year I am fully embracing the autumn/winter season. Maybe it is because it is still quite mild in the south east and we have not had much rain.

IMG_0480  IMG_0496  IMG_0458

The past week I have spent enjoying dog walks through the woods and fields. Murray especially enjoying pattering around in deep leaves, every so often snorting and running away from an invisible leaf beast! Of course getting him to pose every so often is just compulsory. Along the way I have been snapping away the changes in nature and have fallen in love with all the autumn colours.

IMG_0448  IMG_0456  IMG_0454

This week I have also tacked every girls nightmare, I have had a much needed clear out of the wardrobe, getting rid of old, dull clothes and replacing them to create a sea of autumn tones. That rich aubergine purple and dark land rover green are my top two tones for this autumn/winter season. I would recommend for everyone to have a sort out as it puts you in such a good mind set. It also highlights staple things which you are missing in your wardrobe for that season. I like any other girl am a bit of a shopaholic, and therefore frequently buy things because I like them and not because I necessarily need them, which ends up in a regular search for i.e a black long sleeved slightly baggy jumper that should be in my wardrobe but I have NEVER bought! You’ll be pleased to know that has now been rectified.

So my top tips for this week are… get yourselves out enjoying the autumnal scenery and prepare your wardrobes for this season.



12 thoughts on “Welcoming Autumn

  1. I love this post! Your dog looks so awesome against the colors of the leaves, and i also feel like your writing style and photography style is kind of similiar to mine 🙂 i have quite a few autumn posts if you’d like to take a look!


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