A seedy weekend

This year did not get off to the best start for the green-fingered sorts. With storm after storm battering the garden with wind and rain at all angles, the last thing I was thinking about was which wonderful plants and vegetables I was wanting to grow this year. But now, mid way through March we have finally had a succession of days with temperatures in double figures and that warm orange globe has been making a much needed appearance too!

So last weekend, inspired and motivated by the glorious weather, I put on my gardening gloves and made a start on my ambitious plans for 2016 (I am aware I haven’t shared these with you yet, this will be my next blog post)! Some much needed weeding took place in the raised beds in the back garden and I also made a start on sowing the copious amounts of seeds I have. Popped into windowsill seed trays I have sown Tomato ‘Flamingo’, Courgette ‘All Green Bush’ and Broad Bean ‘Masterpiece Green Longpod’. I am now anxiously and impatiently awaiting the first signs of green shoots appearing through the rather dull looking compost.




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