Spring walks come rain, shine, sleet and snow!

I am sure you can all relate to the bonkers weather we have had over the past month. Three weeks ago we were lulled into thinking spring had finally sprung and the end of the cold and wet wintry weather had finally passed. Temperatures soared to 16°C and I even got a little sunburnt! Then the past week happened, and yes we had snow and sleet in April!  All feelings of excitement at the prospect of that orange globe gracing us daily were suddenly squashed.

Nevertheless we have dodged between the showers and managed some wonderful walks with Murray. The bluebell woods are now in full bloom too, making a photo opportunity every second.

Murray kindly made an impromptu and over exaggerated yawn as I asked him to sit for his first photo shoot. he found it more fun the second time round, posing beautifully.

I am reliably (I hope) informed from the weather app on my phone that we will be having warmer weather next week, and that orange thing has appeared again in the symbols against each day! Everyone keep their fingers crossed…


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