Breakfast at The Coppa Club

Last week I had a real treat…breakfast out! After much deliberation about where to go (made difficult as breakfast out isn’t a regular occurrence), some googling later we decided on The Coppa Club in Sonning. Ringing bells as I had seen lots of friends on Facebook tagging it in status’ I was sure this would be a good decision, and I was proved right.

Breakfast is served till 11.30am when the menu changes over to the ‘All Day Menu’. I opted for ‘The Work’s Skillet Breakfast’ and Kath had ‘Free Range Scrambled Eggs with Severn & Wye Valley hot-smoked salmon’ with an add on of tomatoes and mushrooms. Service was fast, efficient and professional yet friendly. The décor is beautiful throughout the restaurant and exactly the kind of feel I would love in my own home. We sat by patio doors overlooking lush green gardens and chatted endlessly.


Needless to say I will be returning to The Coppa Club for breakfast or dinner very soon. You can view menu’s on their website here:




Allotment gardening has begun

I have been meaning to get started on the allotment for the past few weeks, but with one thing or another taking priority or the weather being less than pleasant it has taken a back seat so far. With the greenhouse becoming quite full it really urged me to get started with the mammoth task of digging over the plot and getting rid of my small field of grass and weeds!

So last weekend I headed down there and with the help of my lovely mum we got digging. After an hour we had cleared a sizeable space and we were ready to plant up the redcurrant bushes I had bought from the garden centre a few weeks back. I also had broad beans yearning to leave the greenhouse, so they accompanied me down to the plot and now have a more favourable place to reside.


You can see from the photo’s how tall the grass has got, in a matter of two weeks it has at least doubled in height. With the sun and rain of recent weeks you will no doubt have noticed our surroundings have become quite green and lush.

Next on the allotment to do list is to dig over the rest of the plot and plant out the tomatoes and courgettes.

Sunday lunch at The New Inn

Wow, what a day Sunday was. The weather, oh the glorious weather! I was in heaven being a true sun worshipper through and through. Temperatures reached a high of 28°C, the sunglasses came out and I vowed to spend as much time outdoors as possible.

So after a packed morning of horse riding and swimming, I felt it was time for a well deserved pub lunch. We are blessed with so many beautiful local country pubs offering a range of wonderful food. This Sunday our choice was The New Inn at Kidmore End, it has been several years since I have been here but doing a quick reccy on-line I found their menu most pleasing and was thoroughly looking forward to our visit.

We arrived at 1.30pm, the peak of the lunchtime rush and the garden was understandably busy. We grabbed some drinks and placed our food order – baked Camembert to start and then the New Inn Burger for Paul and the roast beef baguette for me. The staff are wonderful, so friendly, professional and helpful. They said there would be a wait on the food as they were very busy and had several large tables, in fact we only waited 20 minutes for our starter to arrive which I thought was perfectly acceptable, especially having been to many restaurants half as busy waiting twice as long!

The food, well wow again! It was nothing short of amazing, fresh and so tasty. The baguette contained the most tender beef I think I have ever eaten, it melted in my mouth, Paul’s burger went down well too, and as for the Camembert we were both hastily dipping the fresh bread to get as much as possible of the melting gooey loveliness.


P.S I was meant to take more food porn photographs but I’m afraid I only remembered this half way through the mains! Oh well I suppose we’ll have to go back again…

The New Inn website:

Transplanting Flamingos

Last weekend I was busy transplanting my first batch of tomato seedlings. The first variety I have sown this year is a new plum variety called Flamingo, offered by Chiltern Seeds. I am super excited about these and am so in love with the name. Here is their journey from seed packet so far!


When transplanting seedlings it is best to do when the soil is moist and neither too wet or too dry. Too wet means removing the seedling from the tray is near on impossible and there will be guaranteed root damage in the process. Too dry means the soil will crumble away and again there is a possible chance the roots will become damaged.

These tomatoes were started off indoors and now the temperatures are warmer they will be spending their days out in the portable greenhouse and nights moved indoors as the night temperatures are still a little low. Over the next few weeks they should grow on well and can then be planted out at the allotment.