Allotment gardening has begun

I have been meaning to get started on the allotment for the past few weeks, but with one thing or another taking priority or the weather being less than pleasant it has taken a back seat so far. With the greenhouse becoming quite full it really urged me to get started with the mammoth task of digging over the plot and getting rid of my small field of grass and weeds!

So last weekend I headed down there and with the help of my lovely mum we got digging. After an hour we had cleared a sizeable space and we were ready to plant up the redcurrant bushes I had bought from the garden centre a few weeks back. I also had broad beans yearning to leave the greenhouse, so they accompanied me down to the plot and now have a more favourable place to reside.


You can see from the photo’s how tall the grass has got, in a matter of two weeks it has at least doubled in height. With the sun and rain of recent weeks you will no doubt have noticed our surroundings have become quite green and lush.

Next on the allotment to do list is to dig over the rest of the plot and plant out the tomatoes and courgettes.


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