Flower Farm Fun

Last week saw florists and flower farms across the country celebrating British Flower Week. We took a visit to the inspirational Green and Gorgeous flower farm based just outside of Wallingford. I fell in love, around every corner are lines of the most beautiful flowers making you long to have your garden just as beautiful. I took lots of photos, but they just don’t do the flowers justice. I would highly recommend a trip to Green and Gorgeous for any flower lover, they are open every Saturday morning when you can also buy cut flowers and home grown goodies.

My favourites that I saw growing there on the day were Cephalaria gigantea (giant scabious), sweet peas in every imaginable colour, white Nigella and Verbascum ‘Southern Charm’.

Tea, coffee and cake were served and there were also scheduled florist talks and displays throughout the day showing how one can conjure up the most magnificent arrangements from cut flowers in the garden. Leaving feeling very inspired and with some Dahlia tubers I am now busy planning what I can sow and grow next!




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