The Loseley Park Garden Show

Last weekend we headed out to Loseley Park near Guildford for their Garden Show. It was a bit of an impromptu decision, but hey that’s what weekends are for!

The long sweeping driveway up to the house and grounds was enchanting, it is such a beautiful property and I would love to visit again to look around the house. We were blessed with the weather also, beautiful sunshine and blue sky with the odd fluffy white candy floss cloud.

There were lots and lots of stalls and I would liken it to a mini Berkshire Country Show. We had a go at Archery, which requires a surprising amount of strength in the upper arms! I did manage to get one of the arrows fairly close to bullseye though! We also watched the birds of prey show which was spectacular.


Next we hit the food stalls and I came across THE BEST fudge company yet Mini Mouthfuls so many wonderful and more unusual flavours and so fresh. I love fudge when it is slightly squidgy and moist, I was quite disappointed with some that I bought at a show last year which was very crumbly and dry and I must say at least double the price as to what Mini Mouthfuls charge. I took their card and will certainly be ordering…quite possibly next week!


We also were introduced to Giggly Pig sausages, have you tried them? Again so many different flavours and they had samples of every one of them to try. It was hard making a decision as they were all so scrumptious, but we settled on three packs and chose Caribbean, Spicy Cumberland and Honey and Mustard. You can read more about Giggly Pig and their products here;


So many beautiful flowers were on display and available to buy. It was hard not to take a whole garden home with us! Here are a few of my favourites especially the Gazania and Echinacea.

So a big thank you to Loseley Park and everyone involved for such a wonderful day filled with so much to see and do. I can’t wait to come back next year.



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