Binfield Heath Flower and Dog Show

On Saturday we spent the afternoon at the Binfield Heath Flower and Dog Show. This is an annual event held on the August Bank Holiday weekend and we have been a few times before. However on this occasion we were putting our dignity on the line and gearing up for full on red faced embarrassment, for we had made the incredibly brave decision to enter Murray into some of the dog show classes!

Now for any of you that know us, you can definitely liken Murray and me to the famous story of Marley and Me! Murray being a Dalmatian has not been easy to train especially as once off a lead everything in the world is way more interesting than me! Having said that we have made great improvement recently on the listening front and recall. So with our brave faces on and having given Murray a strict ‘pep talk’ about behaviour, we were off!

I’m not sure weather it was the ‘pep talk’,  the new surroundings or whether it was all his four legged peers around which made Murray behave absolutely impeccably. The visions of me being dragged around the arena were long forgotten and we really enjoyed ourselves. We entered four classes and came 2nd in one (dog the judge wanted to take home) and 4th for non sporting breed. I think Murray was just as pleased as us with how the day turned out and now he can be trusted to not make a mockery of us, I think we’ll be doing this again!

A huge thank you to all involved in organising the dog show, the judges and the sponsors for the most fantastic winners bags.

We spent most of the afternoon by the side of the showing arena but managed to have a quick wander round before hand and a peak in the show tent afterwards, of course there was the compulsory hot dog break too! Here are some photos from the show tent:

The most stunning selection of bouquets.

One of my favourites, the Dahlia. I really fell in love with the white tipped gently with lilac, so unusual and pretty. I will be looking out for these for my planting schemes next year.

A true village/country fair must have the compulsory show off vegetables and just look at these! First and second prize featured above, the carrots almost look like they have been moulded from plasticine and the onions are perfectly spherical! Too good to eat!

Did you visit the Binfield Show too? Comment below would love to hear your experience.


Mapledurham Love Food Festival

Mapledurham House and Watermill is a short drive out of Reading (towards Cane End and the stunning surroundings of the Oxfordshire countryside) and this weekend they are playing host to the annual Love Food Festival. This morning we ventured out early to go and have a good mooch around all the stalls. The backdrop of the house and grounds is beautiful, tranquil and located just on the edge of the Thames.

The food stalls offered a fantastic variety from cheese to churros to champagne! We worked our way round and sampled scrumptious cheese, juicy olives and tasty sausages. I can highly recommend Blacks Cheese we opted for the ‘Old Smokey Redwood’, ‘Little Winker Ale and Mustard’ and ‘Smoky Peppadew and Garlic’. I am so looking forward to getting creative in the kitchen and including them in some salads and pasta dishes, if they aren’t gobbled up on crackers beforehand! We also took home some sausages from Natural Game who stock the most exotic range of meats I have ever come across. We choose the ‘BBQ Jack Daniels’, ‘Venison’ and ‘Stilton and Spring Onion’.

The sweet treats available were also outstanding with macaroons, cupcakes and ice cream available.

Inside the tents are also a variety of craft stalls including an enchanting company who offer silver jewellery made from antique items. I fell in love with the bangle made from a silver fork, so unusual and so beautiful.

The Mapledurham Love Food Festival is running tomorrow from 10am-5pm, would highly recommend a trip. Enjoy!


Read and see more about The Mapledurham Food Festival here: