Monday Night Indulgence!

So on Monday night it was girls date night which we try to do once a month, normally we are after the savoury option of Sushi but this Monday called for something different.

With two of the group having been to Treatz before and wanting to show the other two the new and exciting world of dessert parlours, we put our trust in their hands and arranged an evening of sweet indulgence.

We visited Treatz in Reading and basically you can create your very own whopper of a dessert, mixing and matching toppings and ice cream flavours. The menu is extensive to say the least! Following good guidance from our more experienced dessertiers we opted for the large waffle topped with Nutella (my favourite thing in the entire world), banana slices, crushed nuts and snickers ice cream – highly recommended!!!


All photos belong to fortheloveofpeas, all comments and opinions are my own.


And it was all yellow…

I can’t believe we have just welcomed the first week of September, where has this year gone! In the garden we are still picking generous amounts of tomatoes, courgettes and beans. The flowers are still in full bloom and enjoying the warmer temperatures that we have been experiencing, I’m not quite ready to fully embrace autumn but am sure by the end of the month I will be digging out the jumpers for those chillier starts.

Quite unintentionally I have ended up with a colour scheme this year…yellow! In a bid to grow things more unusual I have been inadvertently pointed towards this probably less favoured colour amongst gardeners.


The first yellow on my growing list for 2016 were these scrumptious yellow beans (from Chiltern Seeds, the yellow wax bean ). I’ve been picking plenty and adding them with courgettes to a stir fry, or boiling for an easy addition to any meal. They are quite unusual and received lots of comments from visitors, and a few questions as to what they were!


The vegetable plot also saw the addition of yellow courgettes, this variety is Gold Rush. These have been roasted, fried and added to pasta dishes. With their bright colour they are easy to pick, avoiding the typical monster courgette!


Over in the flower garden I grew, of course the compulsory, traditional yellow sunflowers but also added in the ‘Ladybird’ Nasturtium, a very nice warm yellow with pretty red splodges at the base of the petals. Tagetes ‘Pineapple Crush’ also did well and offered a more unusual shade of yellow, paler with a hint of lime. It very much lives up to it’s namesake.

Have you grown anything yellow this year, intentionally or unintentionally?