Monday Night Indulgence!

So on Monday night it was girls date night which we try to do once a month, normally we are after the savoury option of Sushi but this Monday called for something different.

With two of the group having been to Treatz before and wanting to show the other two the new and exciting world of dessert parlours, we put our trust in their hands and arranged an evening of sweet indulgence.

We visited Treatz in Reading and basically you can create your very own whopper of a dessert, mixing and matching toppings and ice cream flavours. The menu is extensive to say the least! Following good guidance from our more experienced dessertiers we opted for the large waffle topped with Nutella (my favourite thing in the entire world), banana slices, crushed nuts and snickers ice cream – highly recommended!!!


All photos belong to fortheloveofpeas, all comments and opinions are my own.


17 thoughts on “Monday Night Indulgence!

  1. This is dessert heaven! There’s so many ice cream flavors to try which is awesome. And that dessert with the nutella and banana slices is definitely my kind of dessert!


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