Easy Halloween Fairy Cakes

Autumn not only brings us the change of season, but also fun events such as Halloween and Bonfire Night. In the spirit I felt I should make a selection of Halloween themed fairy cakes. These are super easy to do for both children and adults, here’s how:


You can use any basic fairy cake recipe. I used the following ingredients, all mixed into a bowl. Spoon into fairy cake cases and place in the oven for 15 minutes or until golden brown, temperature 180°C.

225g self raising flour, 225g softened unsalted butter, 225g castor sugar, 3 small/medium eggs, 2 tablespoons of semi-skimmed milk.


Here is the fun part! Once your cakes have cooled from the oven you can decorate them with any Halloween theme you like. This year I have made a selection of monster faces and white chocolate mice toppers. Marshmallows can make good ghosts, or if you fancy something more challenging why not try making pumpkins from roll out icing!


The monster faces have been made using Aero mint balls and melted milk chocolate.


Have you baked anything Halloween inspired? Would love to hear from you.

fortheloveofpeas x.


15 thoughts on “Easy Halloween Fairy Cakes

  1. Those are easy to make which makes them a delightful treat for Halloween! I love baking desserts that doesn’t require much effort. Thanks for sharing the recipe!


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