Goodbye January

For once I’m not actually glad to see the back of January, I am sure many will disagree with me, but I will argue my case!

January for me has supplied an endless amount of beautiful countryside scenery. It has been cold, so very cold, some nights reaching temperatures of -8°C. As a result there has been a velvety, sparkling carpet laid delicately across the South Oxfordshire and Berkshire countryside. For me the ultimate bonus of this weather has meant that dog walks have been clean, yes that’s right, there has been no mud for me in January. I detest coming home with a Dalmatian looking more like a chocolate Lab, sporting the ‘eau de wet dog aroma’, wellies caked in mud (yes I know this is what they are for, but still), my hair forever looking like I crawled through a bush backwards and specks of mud splodged onto my face trying its hardest to blend in with my freckles!

So I fully embraced the cold albeit with my thermals, gloves, hat and 2 pairs of socks and just have to share with you all some of the photographs I captured.


I have to post the below separately, as I am a little bit proud of this particular image winning a photography competition with The English Garden Magazine via Instagram. Thank you once again for picking me, I am still over the moon.


How was January for you?

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